Notification to Poison Centres (CLP Article 45)

CLP Article 45 requires companies to provide certain information regarding dangerous mixtures to official bodies in every EU-member state where the mixtures are sold. This information is made available for the poison centres in every country, for them to be able to offer quick help in case of an emergency. Although the idea behind the legislation is well intended and useful it does pose a huge challenge for many companies,.

Industry generally views the notification requirements as a significant burden. This is because of Confidential Business Information concerns and to the existence of different systems in most EU-countries. There is currently no harmonised EU system. Producers of complex mixtures are often times specifically burdened, as they are required to notify most of the mixture components while they often do not know the content of certain mixtures they use for their own formulation. Furthermore, some countries do charge (sometimes significantly) for every notification while others do not.

There are however plans for harmonization across EU in the form of  EU-Regulation No. 2017/542 which creates a standard format for the poison centre notifications.  The new rules will take effect on the 1st of January 2020 and will harmonise the poison centre notifications across Europe.

CSB currently provides notifications to Poison Centres of dangerous mixtures for our clients in most European countries. We have gathered extensive knowledge about the various systems and differing requirements in most EU-countries and are able to use this knowledge to your advantage. CSB is also actively engaged in preparations to implement the new harmonised notifications rules by the addition of new tools into our software solutions and training our staff.