Safety Data Sheets

REACH elevated the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to become the central supply chain communication tool for chemical products. A SDS must be supplied with the first sale of a product and you are required to keep your safety data sheets up to date and supply updated SDSs to every company that has purchased the product in the last 12 months.

EU has certainly provided the adoption of new SDS formats under REACH, and many other countries have adopted GHS into national law (amongst them are USA, Japan, China, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, South Korea, and Brasilia). Because of this there are similar requirements for safety data sheets in most parts of the world. Nevertheless, there are still differences (particularly in the classification and labelling rules) that make it necessary to check the rules in each country prior to compiling the SDS.

From the beginning the preparation of safety data sheets has been one of CSBs core competencies. We offer the safety data sheet "service" as a holistic approach - always taking into account the overall business situation of our client. Our service for the preparation of safety data sheets includes, but is not limited to:

  • The classification and labelling of substances or mixtures according the applicable law
  • The preparation of a label-draft according the applicable law
  • The transport classification of dangerous goods according to the TDG-rules
  • The ongoing maintenance of safety data sheets
  • An individual document layout in harmony with corporate identity

Countries and languages

The safety data sheets need to be supplied in the official language(s) of the country being supplied with the product. Besides language there are often times additional national laws, that need to be regarded for a safety data sheet (like the German water hazard class). To meet these varying requirements supplying only one unified safety data sheet even within Europe is not possible.

Safety data sheets prepared by us for any country are always compliant with the applicable rules and regulations of that country. The scope of CSB safety data sheet capabilities encompasses 43 countries and covering many countries beyond the EU and US, the major south-American countries like Brazil and Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Russia and most Asian countries including Japan, China, Taiwan or Thailand.