The company was originally founded in 1993 by Mr. Heinz Dobbertin as a single person safety data sheet service company. In 1997 the company was transfered to a GmbH and was from this point forward known as C.S.B. GmbH (Chemie - Sicherheit - Beratung) Due to acquiring new customers and an increased demand of safety data sheets, the year 2000 marked the first milestone of growth for the company, as the first employee joined in.

In the following years the business was steadily growing, solely through customer recommendations (which we are very pround of). Several people joined in and formed the safety data sheets department. In the year 2007 EU Regulation 1907/2006, better known as REACH, came into force which triggered the development of the REACH department. Smart employer-acquisition at the German competent authority made the needed Know-How available for the company, which is still present today. Up from that point in time both core businesses (Safety data sheets and REACH) were growing very fast paced and several additional people joined us.

Today we count roughly 20 employees and consult our clients mainly in the fields of safety data sheets, REACH and Biocides, besides various adjacent regulatory areas. Together we stand for a high quality of our services, made possible through profound technical competence combined with years of experience.

In early 2017 Heinz Werner Dobbertin was replaced by his son Lars Dobbertin as General Manager.