Toxicological Risk Assessment

The assessment of toxicological hazards which originate from chemical products are key aspects of nearly every regulatory activity. Public awareness and interest in avoiding the risks associated with hazardous substances or products is increasing every year.

Because of our expertise and experience in human and eco-toxicological risk assessments and questions resulting from the current regulatory processes we have become experts in this area of practice. CSB can provide support as required in many areas including:

  • Support in classification questions in case of borderline or vague data
  • Assessment of CMR- (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reproduction toxicity) or ED- (Endocrine Disrupting) properties
  • Derivation of risk management measures
  • Evaluation of the environmental behaviour of substances
  • Test monitoring of validated tests to determine the hazard potential of a substance/product in cooperation with laboratory partners.

CSB stands ready to assist you in your toxicological risk assessment activities.